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    Need Affordable and Reliable Access to Space?



Launch your satellite or entire constellation from the International Space Station

Introducing the bSpace ARQ, our latest innovation for reaching low-earth-orbit. Designed by a team of experienced spaceflight engineers to deliver unprecedented reliability, the modular launch system enables complete flexibility for sizes up to 27U with a 200U deployment capacity on each launch. That means you can reliably deploy an entire constellation from a single box, or replenish your constellation on a known schedule. ARQ deployments are captured in breathtaking 4k 360 degree virtual reality with video delivered immediately through our onboard high-speed data downlink.

The bSpace team is committed to your mission success and is there to help you through every step of the launch manifest process. We also provide insurance and engineering or consulting expertise when you need it. That’s why we were just named one of the Top 10 NewSpace companies at the professional space network NewSpace People.

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Hosted Payloads

  • Rapid Deployment of up to 200 Small Satellites
  • ARQ is about the size of a motorcycle
  • ARQ is filled with CubeSats ready to launch on command
  • Launch single satellites or entire constellations
  • Accommodates standard size cubesats up to 12U and custom sizes
  • Lowest cost to low earth orbit
  • NASA delivers ARQ to the International Space Station on cargo resupply missions
  • ARQ is berthed to the outside of ISS by the SPDM robotic arm
  • High speed optical space-to-ground data
  • Satellite launches are captured in stunning 4K Virtual Reality
  • ARQ launches to ISS several times per year


  • Frequent launches
  • Predictable schedule
  • No on-orbit waiting


  • Lowest cost of delivery to LEO
  • Educational discounts


  • bSpace will handle the launch paperwork for you
  • Insurance included – whatever level of coverage you need, we have bundled policies to meet your requirements
  • Having technical development problems with your payload? We’ve been there. Let us help solve your engineering issues and keep you on schedule


  • Deployments don’t require astronaut or crew time
  • Experienced Spaceflight Engineers ensure your mission success

You may not need a satellite to get your ideas into orbit.


Fly your payload on ARQ, get your data back fast.

  • Cost-effective technology development, risk reduction, and space experimentation for a fraction of the cost of a satellite
  • External exposed sites with nadir, limb, and zenith views
  • Internal unpressurized, thermally benign locations available
  • Payloads as small as a brick or as large as a microwave oven can be accommodated
  • Up to 24 hosted payloads per flight
  • Mechanical, power, data and thermal interfaces provided
  • Up to 600 W* available power
    • *shared between hosted payloads
  • 6-12 months on orbit, data returned daily

Meet the team

David Burcham

David Burcham


David Burcham is a seasoned executive with over three decades successful experience in technology and high-growth companies. He has held executive officer positions at three public companies, managed mergers and acquisitions, and funded and raised venture capital. A five-time entrepreneur and has held several board positions. An aspiring painter and an avid runner. He holds security clearances with the US government and his companies have built and provided technology for ongoing programs in the Department of Defense. David is co-founder of Visible Technologies (acquired by Vocus), VX Technologies, GunUp (acquired by Media Lodge), Adaptive Data, and iClipse Global. He also co-founded Wired Tribe, a non-profit focused on preventing crimes against children.

Jason Budinoff

Jason Budinoff


Jason Budinoff has over 25 years in aerospace engineering, most recently at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. His experience includes work on several space shuttle missions, the Hubble Space Telescope, and the International Space Station. Recent work includes Solid Propulsion systems, 3D printing of cubesat-class telescopes, controls electronics and telemetry, and instrument engineering for ISS external payloads NICER and GEDI. He received a BS in Aerospace Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Bob Knoop

Bob Knoop

VP of Engineering

Bob has over 31 years in aerospace and defense. In his last role as Chief Engineer for OrbitalATK he was responsible for all phases of solid rocket motor design, development and production. This included technical performance for rocket motors including Orion, CASTOR and GEM solid motors. He has extensive experience in propulsion, government contracting, engineering and program management.

David Barrow

David Barrow


David Barrow is an accomplished marketing and communication leader with 25+ years experience defining high impact marketing strategy, and delivering business results. As CMO of bSpace, his youthful interest and enthusiasm in space exploration has been married to his expertise of engaging customers and creating value. He has been part of two IPOs, numerous launches and business incubators and has a proven track record driving innovation, engagement and market value for both new and established products and services. David has extensive experience in the marketing of technology having developed and deployed campaigns and programs for start-ups and Fortune 100 companies that drove more than $2B in sales.


Cynthia Gunderson

Chief Engineer

Cynthia Gundersen holds a MS in mechanical engineering from George Washington University. She has 25 years of spaceflight hardware experience supporting various flight programs at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Her systems are in orbit around Saturn and on the surface of and orbiting Mars. Prior to bSpace, she was the founder and president of AMU Engineering, Incorporated since 2002.

Akif Ersahin

Akif Ersehin, PHD

Lead Mechanical & 3D Engineer

Akif Ersahin holds a PhD in mechanical engineering. He has extensive background in design and analysis of high performance systems, space flight structures, airframe structures and dynamic flight simulators. He worked as lead structural analyst for NASA and ESA science missions, including the Mars Curiosity and EXOMARS 2018 Rovers. Dr. Ersahin has 20 years' experience with conceptual and detail design, optimization of structures subject to vibration and thermal environments, fatigue analysis, production and process planning, project estimating and scheduling, staff supervision and customer-vendor coordination as well as serving as chairperson for technical research and reviews.

Christa Budinoff

Christa Budinoff

Cofounder/Sr. Engineer

Christa received a BS in Mechnical Engineering from University of Maryland, College Park. As a NASA mechanical engineer, she worked payload contamination control & integration for 7 shuttle missions on the SSBUV program, conducted structural analysis for airborne LIDAR and was a mechanical systems engineer for SOLSE STS-87 payload. In 2000 She founded Visioneering LLC, a consulting firm, where she designed interplanetary instruments and mechanisms for LADEE, MAVEN, ExoMars and the Mars Curiosity Rover missions. She has over 25 years of spaceflight systems experience.

Linda Hedges

Linda Hedges, PHD

Lead CFD Engineer

With 25 plus years of experience, Linda Hedges career has focused on state-of-the-art capabilities in the area of Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis and automation. She has extensive management and project management experience, achieving the position of president of Stark Aerospace’s engineering division. She held the position of Associate Technical Fellow while at the Boeing Company. While at Blue Origin, she developed CFD methods for rocket vehicle and propulsion development. This included reacting hypersonic aerodynamics, combusting thrust chambers, complex turbomachinery, and full-vehicle flow simulations incorporating propulsive flow interactions. Linda Hedges obtained a PhD in Aeronautics and Astronautics from the University of Washington in 1991.

Our Advisors


NASA Associate Administrator, veteran of 3 Shuttle flights. USAF (Retired).


ISS Expedition 40 Commander, veteran of 2 Shuttle flights.


NASA Teacher in Space, veteran of STS-118 Shuttle flight.

Partners and Suppliers

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>27U Up
400 lb

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